Issue 145,
Patrik Arve

Patrik Arve, of among other things, Teddybears fame, working with groundbreaking artists like Robyn to Iggy Pop, cooked up dancehall with Jamaican heroes Ward 21, Ninjaman, Cutty Ranks and Natalie Storm, having performed on places like Letterman, rarely bites his tongue. Nor does he here.

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Issue 140,
Third Culture Kids / Trans94

So what the f**k is TCK, you say? The term was initially used by researchers John and Ruth Useem to describe the children of ambassadors. It can be summarized as “children raised in a culture other than their parents’’, or as Useem puts it, “children who accompany their parents into another society”. This is the collaboration with the creatives over at TRANS94, former RMH (with artists like Silvana Imam, Cherrie and Erik Lundin) and their new book and scholarship, Third Culture Kids.

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Issue 139,
Efter Rallarsving (After Haymaker)

Efter Rallarsving is the return of the viral Swedish hit-show that really brought the Martial Arts scene into Swedish homes in 2005- 2006. The series starred Musse Hasselvall and Andreas Halldén as they travelled the world trying different types of martial arts. The series originally aired on ZTV in Sweden. Efter Rallarsving is a fictionalized television series based in the previous hit-show starring both Musse and Andreas as they try to make a 3:rd season of Rallarsving. But the times and the industry has changed and now their friendship is put to the test. Nothing is made easy with their new narcissistic producer Lisa who looks to exploit the guys in any way possible.

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Issue 128,

The time has come to challenge the stereotypical male role, question macho-culture and dissolve mossy old patriarchal systems, because frankly – it’s just not working for us. In fact, it’s killing us. One movement is hell-bent on change, and they are demanding everyone to do their part. Welcome to FATTA MAN.

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Issue 123,

We’re proud to announce that the T-post issue 123 is a collaboration with TEDxUmeå. For those of you who haven’t encounter this phenomenon before, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a global set of nonprofit conferences, under the slogan “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED have over the years included speakers like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Gates and Bono.

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Issue X01,

Two years ago, director David Sandberg had to sell his couch and TV to afford food and rent. Now, David's Kung Fury trailer have raised $630,000 on Kickstarter, and he's now competing at Cannes and developing a feature Hollywood film. Oh, and David Hasselhoff recently made a Kung Fury music video that has been viewed over 10 million times. The 30 minute movie got viewed by over 15 million people within the first week.

This Kung Fury x T-post issue is a limited edition made exclusively for all the people who backed the Kung Fury project through Kickstarter.

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Issue 100,

Born and raised in New York City during the golden era of graffiti, Eric Haze found fame hitting trains in the early 70’s, earning his place in the documentary Style Wars. Haze opened his design studio in 1986, becoming one of the first visual artists to define the look and graphic language of early Hip Hop. Some of his most classic works include designs for Public Enemy, EPMD, LL Cool J, and the Beastie Boys. It doesn’t get any more OG than this.

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Issue 96,

We're proud to announce that the next T-post collaboration will be with the pioneering brand ALIFE. Founded in 1999, ALIFE is a New York City-based, multi-tasking, multi-faceted lifestyle driven company. ALIFE is well known for its curatorial work, creative direction and production of editorial content for books and magazines, art shows, retail concepts, and top-tier branded collaborations. Their renowned backyard ALIFE SESSIONS, over the years, have included performances by Wu-Tang Clan, John Mayer, Cypress Hill, Nas, Moby, and Drake. ALIFE is art.

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Issue 92,

In 1986, Ricky Powell ditched his job selling Frozade lemon ices out of a street car — where, if you tipped him a dollar, he'd add a dash of rum to the refreshment — to tag along with the Beastie Boys on Run-DMC's Raising Hell tour. Only to continue as Def Jam Records’ in-house photographer documenting the early hip hop scene like no other. For two decades, Ricky Powell has prowled the streets of his native New York, toured the world with hip hop’s biggest acts, and full-on crashed celebrity-studded parties on both coasts.

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Issue 87,

Tony Arcabascio is a true NYC legend. Tony's done everything from working in a pizzeria, to dancing at parties and clubs for cash. While eventually ending up in the magazine industry he made a couple of great friends and founded the collective brand, alife™ and the alife rivington club™. In 2006 he became a daddy (to little Viva), and started a new business, Tony Arcabascio Inc™. "Basically, I just try to work on good shit with good people... My plan for life."™

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Issue 83,

Earlier this year jeffstaple was announced the fifth most important person within streetwear by Complex. Managing his clothing line STAPLE his store Reed Space and his design studio Staple Design, jeffstaple truly lives up to his own tagline "a positive social contagion". Over the years he's gained a considerable following on the underground streetwear scene. Perhaps his most famous product were the NYC Pigeon Dunks released by Nike, causing riots wherever they where sold. Today they sells for over 2,000 USD on E-bay.

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Issue 77, Jun 2012

How does a Swiss born, Belgian trained, graphic designer end up doing t-shirts for Spike Lee, collaborating with Bushwick graffiti vandals, and earning a Phd in vintage American sports uniforms? Over the past ten years, Kimou Meyer (aka Grotesk) has worked with almost all the key players in New York’s brand underground, drawing on his classical training and outsider’s perspective to develop an iconic graphic language and style.

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Issue 73, Feb 2012

Hydro74 a.k.a. Joshua M. Smith does what he loves because he loves it. Not because he has to do it.

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Issue 71, Dec 2011
Ben Newman

Ben Newman has been honing his contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colors and playful characters into a great career.

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Issue 72, Jan 2012

HORT has been a constant pioneer in re-inventing the visual language of contemporary graphic design.

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Issue 70, Nov 2011
Mauro Gatti

Mauro Gatti is an Italian designer who loves to draw. He strongly believes that a smile is the cheapest way to be happy.

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Issue 69, Oct 2011
Craig & Karl

Craig Redman and Karl Maier live on opposite sides of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work. They've exhibited across the world, most notably at the Louvre.

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Issue 68, Sep 2011
Threadless Loves T-post

This issue is a collab. with Threadless and its community with over 1 million designers named "Threadless Loves T-post".

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Issue 67, Aug 2011
Alvaro Tapia

Alvaro Tapia-Hidalgo is a graphic designer, filmmaker and illustrator born in Viña del Mar, Chile but are currently living and working in Granada, Spain.

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Issue 66, Jul 2011
Dave Devries

Dave loves art, especially comic books, drawing both for Marvel and DC Comics. In 1998 his art took a new and interesting direction.

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Issue 65, Jun 2011
Juan Weiss

Juan (aka weisshaus) is a Graphic Designer from Argentina. He’s been drawing ever since he can remember and is now the Online Creative Manager at Fox Latin America.

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Issue 63, Mar 2011
Karolina Pyrcik

Karolina Pyrcik is a 29-year-old graphic designer living in Stuttgart, Germany where she studied at the State Academy of Arts.

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Issue 64, Apr 2011
Pat Perry

Pat Perry is an art maker born in the Detroit area. Whether drawing or painting, Perry creates some kind of artwork every day.

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Issue 62, Feb 2011
David S. Blanco

David S. Blanco was born in London England in 1974. He first began publishing his own small press comics in 1985 under the Cactus comix imprint.

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Issue 61, Jan 2011
Nazario Graziano

Nazario Graziano is an Italian graphic designer and is the founder of, ANTI magazine, and ADD Studio Creativo.

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Issue 60, Nov 2010
Tom Bagshaw

Based in the Georgian city of Bath, England, Tom Bagshaw works as a commercial illustrator and fine artist under the moniker… get this... Mostlywanted.

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Issue 59, Oct 2010
Jim Stoten

If you spend some time in Jim Stoten's dreamy world you’ll be rewarded with a lively interaction between an amazing cast of characters.

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Issue 58, Sep 2010
Thomas Raimondi

Thomas Raimondi is a graphic artist based in Milan, Italy. His weapons of choice include everything from pencils, coffee, watercolors and glitter.

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Issue 57, Aug 2010
David Lundmark

David Lundmark is a 26-year-old guy based in Umeå, Sweden joggling both cinematography and photography in a brilliant way.

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Issue 56, Jul 2010

Bombo!, a.k.a. Maurizio Santucci, was born in Italy. It’s no surprise that his unique style has been in high demand ever since he left advertising.

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Issue 55, Jun 2010
Nikki Farquharson

Nikki Farquharson is a London-based designer who absolutely loves color, patterns, shapes, communication and typography.

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Issue 53, Mar 2010
Paul Davis

Paul Davis is one hard man to reach.

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Issue 54, May 2010
Yuji Tokuda

Yuji Tokuda is an award-winning art director and creative director based in Tokyo, Japan working at the world’s largest advertising agency Dentsu.

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Issue 52, Feb 2010
Wilmer Murillo

Illustrator and character designer Wilmer Murillo was born in 1987 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and grew up drawing and reading astronomy books.

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Issue 51, Jan 2010
Marc Strömberg

All over the place. In your face. Imperfection. Realness. A happy visual riot. That's Marc Strömberg's approach to design.

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Issue 49, Oct 2009
Diane Barcelowsky

Diane was born in New Jersey, lives in Brooklyn, New York, and teaches art at The Trevor Day School in upper Manhattan.

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Issue 50, Dec 2009
Jessica Eriksson

Jessica Eriksson is a 23 year-old Swedish girl that just likes to draw a lot.

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Issue 48, Sep 2009
Stefan G. Bucher

Stefan G. Bucher is the graphic designer behind California design studio 344 Design and the storytelling experiment Dailymonster.

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Issue 47, Jul 2009
Siggi Eggertsson

We've been a fan of Siggi’s unique visual identity for years. Now we’ve finally got the chance to work with him on a topic that is just up his alley.

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Issue 45, May 2009

For those who don’t know, Knotan - it means “the knuckle” in Swedish.

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Issue 46, June 2009
Lovisa Burfitt

Lovisa's illustrations in general and graphic T-shirts in particular have inspired a whole generation of up-and-coming illustrators and designers.

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Issue 43, February 2009
Daniel Brereton

Daniel Brereton is a young British gentleman who likes to draw and make films. Sometimes he combines the two.

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Issue 44, March 2009
David Foldvari

Let’s put it this way: if you’re interested in seeing the work of one of the most influential and talented illustrators around, check out David Foldvari.

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Issue 42, January 2009

Eem is the design studio best known for their luxury-oriented work for high-end brands such as Cartier, Sonia Rykiel & Swarovski.

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Issue 40, October 2008
Esra Roise

Luckily, Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise never did pursue her other career option of being a pastry chef.

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Issue 41, November 2008

Letman is the moniker of Amsterdam-based artist and designer Job Wouters. A master of typography in general and hand drawn type in particular.

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Issue 38, Jul 2008
Andy Rementer

Andy Rementer is not only a brilliant artist based in Philadelphia, he's also the publisher of his own comic strip ”Techno Tuesday”.

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Issue 39, Aug 2008
Ragnar Persson

If you've been to Stockholm, Sweden lately, you've probably seen the work of Swedish artist Ragnar Persson.

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Issue 37, Jun 2008
Kate Moross

Kate Moross, is designing everything from billboards and her own clothing range to record covers for the London under-ground music scene.

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Issue 35, Mar 2008
Klaus Haapaniemi

The London-based, Finnish illustrator and graphic artist Klaus Haapaniemi is one of the hottest British fashion illustrators at the moment.

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Issue 36, Apr 2008

The London based artist Von are mixing traditional fine art and drawing techniques with digital image.

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Issue 33, Jan 2008
Jarno Kettunen

Jarno, now living and working in Belgium, has recently gained reputation in the fashion world for his expressive drawings.

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Issue 34, Feb 2008
Matt Furie

San Francisco based illustrator Matt Furie spends all day in his room drawing and watching youtube.

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Issue 32, Oct 2007

FormaFantasma is a design laboratory of two young Italians, transforming modern vector graphics into what you could call a “digital craftwork”.

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Issue 30, Aug 2007
Hvass & Hannibal

Hvass&Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary arts and design studio based in Copenhagen since 2006.

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Issue 31, Sep 2007
Ian Stevenson

Ian's works have made themselves at home on a wide variety of objects from washing machines to take-away coffee cups.

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Issue 29, Jun 2007
Isabelle Boinot

The French girl Isabelle Boinot's fixation on bold middle-aged men is almost obsessive.

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Issue 26, Mar 2007
Jason Sho Green

Jason Sho Green is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. his studio is off the Morgan L stop in Bushwick if you want to say hi.

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Issue 27, Apr 2007

Jeremyville has been in group shows at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, Colette in Paris and the Madre Museum in Napoli.

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Issue 25, Jan 2007
Imaginary Foundation

The Imaginary Foundation is a think tank from Switzerland that does experimental research on the power of the imagination.

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Issue 23, Oct 2006
Steven Burke

Steven Burke est un jeune graphiste, illustrateur, artiste multi-disciplinaire bien encré dans son temps. And a great guy too.

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Issue 24, Dec 2006
Patrik Söderstam

Patrik Söderstam is one of Sweden's most creative and well respected fashion designers.

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Issue 22, Sep 2006

Vår is a design duo, Karl Grandin och Björn Atldax. They live and work in Stockholm and their work includes illustration, graphic design and animation.

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