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Important! Read before sign up!

Before anyone completes a purchase they’ve got to approve the following agreement in its entirety by checking the ”I agree on the terms” check box.


This agreement defines the terms for T-post, a subscription to T-shirts. As a subscriber you receive a new T-shirt every month that features a design that is based on the story written on the inside of the shirt. All shirts are delivered directly to your mailbox continually until you request to no longer proceed with your subscription. T-post has no period of notice, and to quit your subscription you access your personal Member Area where you can do it automatically by checking the "End Subscription" checkbox or email support@t-post.com, we’ll do it for you. The cost of T-post is 32 EUR (and 5 EUR for shipping). The cost is per delivery. These prices include value-added-tax (VAT). Any customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient. A full refund can be requested until the shirt have been shipped. After that a full refund can be made once the shirt have been returned. Information on delivery dates for upcoming T-post editions can be found at your personal Member Area.

Agreement for T-post subscribers

§ 1 Under the terms of the existing agreement, T-post has no period of notice.

§ 2 T-post shirts are made for subscribers only and the total number of shirts is produced accordingly. Deliveries are only made to those who are subscribers at the time of the release.

§ 3 The cost of T-post is 32 EUR (and 5 EUR for shipping). The cost is per delivery. Any customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient. The Client will immediately be charged while signing up, after that the payment will automatically be withdrawn monthly from the approved credit card (with exceptions of § 9). For dates of delivery, see web page www.t-post.com. T-post uphold the rights to, without notifying the subscriber, adjust the monthly EUR price for T-post due to changes in the conversion rate between SEK and EUR.

§ 4 This agreement is continuous and proceeds until The Client discontinues their subscription agreement as stated in § 1.

§ 5 To quit the subscription The Client should use the "End Subscription" checkbox in their personal Member Area or give written notice to support@t-post.com. A full refund can be requested until the shirt have been shipped. If a shirt has already been shipped a full refund can only be made when the shirt has been returned to T-post in its unbroken packaging.

§ 6 Received shirts cannot be exchanged. Should The Client wish to change shirt size, the next delivered shirt will be sized according to request, if the request has been noted two weeks before the upcoming edition.

§ 7 Should a production flaw exist on a received shirt, exchange or payment compensation can be made. If exchange is not possible the delivery fee of that specific shirt will be credited against next payment.

§ 8 The Client will provide an address that The Client would like the shirts delivered to and a viable e-mail address where updates and messages can be delivered to. Should The Client change address or e-mail, The Client must inform T-post immediately. If The Client fails to do so, T-post is not responsible for unreceived shirt delivery and The Client remains responsible for payment.

§ 9 Upon agreement of a subscription contract, and the initial payment is made the delivery of the first t-shirt will occur at the next upcoming T-shirt release. That can be monitored at the Client's Members Area. After receiving that, The Client falls in to the continuing delivery of T-post shirts (for dates of delivery see web page www.t-post.com or the Members Area) every month (with exception of details listed in § 2 and § 11).

§ 10 T-post reserves the right to terminate a subscription due to The Client’s failure of payment as agreed in the subscription agreement.

§ 11 Regarding delivery, it can take from 3 to 14 days after the posted delivery date. The tracking link to every delivery is posted on he billing history in your personal Member Area.

§ 12 T-post’s designed T-shirts are protected by exclusive production laws (copyright©) and may not be reproduced or duplicated for sale under any circumstance. These rights protect all material and products, which T-post creates; this includes all products both written and visual.

§ 13 The payment that is processes with an accompanying invoice (with exception of details listed in § 14) and should be paid before the due date. When failure to make payment an interest occurs on the overdue payment that is applied according to § 6 in the interest law (Swedish law) from the overdue date plus a reminder fee of 50 SEK (€10 for international clients) in accordance with SFS 1981:739.

§ 14 Regarding credit card payment, the charges are automatic and continuous from the approved credit card every month (with exception to details listed in § 2, § 3, § 9 and § 11). When in full understanding of this agreement, The Client will approve that a continuous activity of payments, every month, will be withdrawn from the provided credit card account without further agreement from The Client for each specific time. This is a service supplied by Stripe and emerchantpay (read more about this service at www.stripe.com and www.emerchantpay.com). Upon cancellation of subscription the automatic withdraws will terminate (as stated in § 5) and after the final T-shirt is delivered. If the account is lacking the right amount and a withdraw is denied, T-post will continuously withdraw the agreed amount according to §3 with an interest on overdue payment and reminder fee according to § 13 until the withdrawal is granted. The Client is obligated to provide a working credit card and by not doing so is not seen as a cancelation of the subscription.

§ 15 Upon dispute the origin principle goes into effect. This includes that upon an eventual dispute all rules and decisions follow Swedish law.

§ 16 The Client is in agreement that T-post manages personal information regarding The Client in ability to supply the product and administer this agreement, the same applies for activities that The Client hereby has agreed to. The Client also agrees that information regarding T-post may be sent to the provided e-mail address. No information will be given to a third party unless is necessary to compete the order (shipping and credit card information)

§ 17 As a new Client you can exercise your right to regret your T-post service purchase up to 14 days from entering contract with T-post and also choose to return the unbroken and un used product for full compensation of the delivery, should you wish to break the agreement.

§ 18 Any complaints on merchandise shall be notified without unreasonable delay from the date the goods/invoice are received. These complaints should be sent to support@t-post.com. T-post exercises a complain right of 3 years

§ 19 In the case of tax changes during the agreement period; T-post has the right to increase the rate accordingly.

§ 20 Upon agreement of a subscription contract you agree to receive the T-post Newsletter sent to you registered e-mail address.

§ 21 Sanctions following errors or delays can’t be called for if the cause for the errors or delays are out of T-posts control, and the faults for good reasons couldn’t have been avoided or conquered. For example: strike, pandemics, accidents, lightning, fire, explosion, war, riots, floods, storm, natural disasters or acts by government.

§22 The shipping cost is 5EUR fully tracked. And you can follow your shirt every step of the way in your personal Member Area in the Billing History. Depending on if you live next door or in the outer forests of the Philippines you can expect everything from 3-14 days delivery time. If you're waiting for your first T-shirt Issue, those will be packaged and shipped out weekly.


All content included in or made available through any T-post Service, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and data compilations is the property of T-post or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws.

In addition, graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names included in or made available through any T-post Service are trademarks of T-post in Sweden and other countries. T-post's trademarks may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not T-post's, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits T-post. All other trademarks not owned by T-post that appear in any T-post Service are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by T-post.

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