Blood Vs. Love

T-POST® #33

Imagine you’ve just had your first child, the new love of your life is born, an actual piece of yourself. Then imagine that after 10 months you find out that the child you’ve loved and nurtured for nearly a year isn’t actually your biological child.
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As it turns out, your baby was switched with another woman’s child at the hospital, and she’s unknowingly been raising your baby all this time. How would you react?

It might sound like something from out of a movie, but this actually happened. And when the couples were notified of the mistake, both sets of parents were faced with an emotional and moral dilemma: Listen to your heart or listen to your mind?

The mind says that the biological bond is stronger and the babies should simply be traded back. Meanwhile the heart continues to care for the “wrong” baby.

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Talk about a catch 22. Either it’s switch the children back, and miss the old baby or raise someone else’s kid and always wonder if you made the right decision.

With all that in mind, it’s not hard to understand why both families have had a difficult time making a choice. In search of options, the families debated raising the two babies as “one big happy family”. They even took the case to court and requested that the birth certificates be switched, but the courts denied the request.

In the end, both families managed to make their decision and the exchange of babies was finally made. So what’s the moral of the story? Does it provide us with any clues regarding the question of heredity vs. environment. Well, we don’t know, but maybe the way you interpret this story will teach you a bit about yourself.

Words: Chad Williamsson
Design: Jarno Kettunen

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