Cancellation & Refund Policy for T-post AB

Important! Read before sign up!

Before anyone completes a purchase they’ve got to approve the following cancelation & Refund policy in its entirety by checking the ”I agree on the terms” check box.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

This agreement defines the terms for T-post, a subscription to T-shirts. As a subscriber you receive a new T-shirt every month that features a design that is based on the story written on the inside of the shirt. All shirts are delivered directly to your mailbox continually until you request to no longer proceed with your subscription. T-post has no period of notice, and to quit your subscription you access your personal Member Area where you can do it automatically by checking the "End Subscription" checkbox or email, we’ll do it for you. The cost of T-post is 32 EUR (and 5 EUR for shipping). The cost is per delivery. These prices include value-added-tax (VAT). Any customs or duty charges are always the responsibility of the recipient. A full refund can be requested until the shirt have been shipped. After that a full refund can be made once the shirt have been returned. Information on delivery dates for upcoming T-post editions can be found at your personal Member Area.

T-post AB

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