08 May 2018

Too Soon?

They say it’s better to burn out than to fade away, the question is if this applies to fashion brands as well? The 1990’s explosive hiphop and streetwear-scene had its share of both. And as the 90’s are making its big comeback, so are some of its most beloved brands.

Growing up in a small northern village (with the population of 5K) in the late 80’s, I have a hard time remembering what actually influenced us to wear what we where wearing while growing up. But since my mom had the local clothing store, dressing everyone from the kids at school to the local senior farmers within a 50 kilometers radius, I naturally had a razor sharp industry insight in to what was hot and what was not, in a village where trends normally appear maybe one or two years after they’ve hit mainstream in every major city in the world. This not only resulted in me being my mom’s private fashion mannequin to school every day, but also her creative outlet in hobby hairdressing, often sending me to school with everything from dyed hair to perms fucked up beyond all recognition. If that doesn’t grow a profound interest of style on a confused boy at the age of 13 – I don’t know what will.

Of all the weird things she dressed me in, my all time favorite was the hooded T-shirt, both long and short sleeved. Often rocking a long sleeved hooded T-shirt preferably with a T-shirt or a buttoned shirt on top of it with 501 written in big ass block letters on it.

So for T-post® #138 I thought I would bring back my beloved hooded T-shirt as a celebration of a long lost love that’s back in business. And who better to show it in all it’s glory than – CLEO.

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