13 Feb 2019


It was a race for the price, to quote an old Flaming Lips song. Someone got their first, and the anti-drug lobby in Sweden is once again shaking their heads in mere disbelief. In the last issue of T-post® we commented on the dark web and the situation regarding prime marketplace Flugsvamp 2.0. It had been shut down by the Swedish police force and one man, suspected as one of the architects behind the site where drugs were sold openly, had been arrested. He is still awaiting trial.

However, a new marketplace has emerged under the moniker of Flugsvamp 3.0, where the very same tools and substances once again are traded in line with global free market policy. Perhaps it was only a matter of time in the eyes of the criminal underworld, but one has to question the moral ambiguity tied in with this. Since the previous Flugsvamp itself left both vendors and customers with plenty of money and resources in limbo, it shall be taken into consideration that the new entrepreneurs involved have simply stolen the non-trademarked name, without any intention of making the wrongs into a right. Nothing to panic about one might say, but still something to have in mind when choosing your next Darknet hangout.


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