28 Nov 2018

Living life in the fast food lane

Fast food is here to stay – and we can’t seem to get enough of it. It all started with fast food simply being ”junk food”, with one soul purpose of being simple and fast to produce. But something is going on, and the tables are beginning to turn. Will traditional junk food have to make way for a new breed of ”healthy fast casual”?

”I woke up alone in bed, still dressed, sweaty and confused. It looked like a crime scene. French fries all over the bed, the remnants of a half-eaten burger squeezed between my chin and the grease-soaked pillowcase. It was like some sort of freak fast-food-tornado had hit my bedroom, with torn up paper bags littering the floor, the air heavy with salt and grease. Not my proudest moment.” My friend shudders at the memory, shakes his head in shame and seems genuinely shook up by the event, even though years has passed. ”I mean, it was insane”, he continues, ”I must have bought enough burgers to feed a fucking football team. I guess my body just shut down – I simply passed out in the middle of the act from sheer grease overdose.”

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