06 Mar 2018

Third Culture Kids – The Talk

So what is TCK, you say? The term was initially used by researchers John and Ruth Useem to describe the children of ambassadors. It can be summarized as “children raised in a culture other than their parents’’, or as Useem puts it, “children who accompany their parents into another society”. A famous example is Barack Obama, who spent four years of his childhood in Indonesia. Babak Azarmi, the creative mind behind TRANS94, came across the term and could strongly relate to it growing up in Sweden as a child of international parents.

This epiphany has now resulted into a book released under the collective name Ra Hidaya Modig, which contains stories and photos from Third Culture Kids, and features Silvana Imam, supermodel Sap, artists Cherrie and Mapei, filmmaker Rojda Sekersöz and many more. The book, Third Culture Kids, features contributions from over 50 people. And, as of now also a T-post x TRANS94 collaboration: T-post #140 – Third Culture Kids where we’ve portrayed creatives and artists like SAP, Erik Lundin, Babak Azarmi, Cherrie, Fatima Jelassi and Paul Edwards. To celebrate the collaboration, we invited these people to share their stories on what it is to be a Third Culture Kid of 2018.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to listen and to share their own story.