21 Mar 2018

T-post Live #1 Featuring Erik Lundin

It’s finally time to take T-post, Live. What does that actually mean? It means that we’re going to bring our T-shirts stories and topics to the live stage by having relevant people both perform and discuss them under a night of festivities at the T-post HQ.

Knowing that we’re sending our T-shirts to over 50 countries we’re fully aware of the distance problem here for everybody to bring their asses over to Umeå, Sweden. But fear not. We’re going document everything and release it shortly after for everybody to enjoy.

T-post Live #1 is going to take place the 28:th of March. We’re going to house the multi grammy winning artist Erik Lundin and the creative collective *TRANS94, who will not only discuss our latest collaboration Third Culture Kids, but also perform live on stage. It’s going to be an intimate event for T-post subscribers and by invite only. First come first served!

*TRANS94 (former RMH) Includes; Erik LundinSilvana ImamCherrie, Babak Azarmi, Fatima, SAP, Paul Edwards among many more.

tpost live blog_small (kopia)