17 Jan 2018

Thank you

After this weekends get-together to celebrate the opening of John Q’s Barber Shop at T-post HQ, all I can say is thank you.

We’ve been spending the better part of our Christmas holiday rebuilding T-post HQ and setting it up for what’s to come. Since the opening in 2006 it’s pretty much remained un touched, so the remodeling was long overdue, and very welcomed.

As this was the first major (at least in our world) party to take place at the office, we had no idea on how the space would work with live performances and a bunch of people in it drinking, or even how many would fit.. So, the past week leading up to the party can be cut up in to two mental states. Monday – Wednesday, freaking out on if we where even going to fill up the space, and Thursday – Saturday (to about 00:00), freaking out on if we where going to fit everybody that’s RSVP’d.

It turned out beautifully and thank you to everybody that turned up and made it to a great night.

>> Random Bastards performs UÅ Live @ T-post® HQ

A special thanks to:
John Q’s Barber Shop
Random Bastards (featuring Academics, ERK and Gonza-Ra)
Northern Tactics