20 Apr 2018

I’m going to die

When we’re gone, we all want to be remembered in some kind of context – preferably somewhere in the range of being a good parent or a good friend. But when your online-persona is open to display, and every new platform offers an opportunity to project a different side of one self – what do you leave behind when your time is up? What will be your legacy?

It sometimes dawns on me, the fact that I’m going to die. Not any time soon (hopefully), but at some point it will inevitably happen, right? It used to be I didn’t really think about it. I just went along with my life with this sort of unsuspecting air of immortality. I’d be hugely successful at something cool, truly leave a mark on the world or quite possibly live forever. I’ve been lucky enough not to suffer any real profound losses until my grandfather passed away about a decade ago, and as painful as it was he was a granddad, granddads die, ok? Not me though, don’t worry about it, I’m bulletproof.

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