24 Apr 2018

Sorry, I don’t get it?

What is happening in the world today? It seems like all the bankers have been playing Monopoly with the world’s economy for their own gain for decades, and nobody seem to care. Well, I think people care, but they realize that it’s grown far beyond the point of no return, there’s just no way to stop it anymore. It’s like Batman vs. Superman, Batman doesn’t really stand a chance since Superman can destroy the entire world at the drop of a dime, so it’s better to just leave him alone and trust that he’ll serve us well. But in a world where Donald Trump can become president, is that really a wise choice?

Wtf!? I mean seriously: What. The. Fuck? Look, things have never been exactly perfect here on earth, at least since mankind made its rowdy and at times down right destructive entry, but this is just plain ridiculous. There have always been men (and women, but mostly men) ready to do just about anything to gain power, and history is filled with bad things happening to good people, but wtf?

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