15 Jul 2018

Get a f**king hobby!

Is social media becoming a substitute for actual real-life experience? Is the never-ending stream of slick content making us lazy, comfortable and sown right dull? T-post writer and desk-jockey Jonas Pekkari takes inventory of his own extracurricular activities, and it’s just not a pretty sight.

I’ll easily spend around 5-6 hours A DAY without breaking a sweat, scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat every chance I get. To be fair, social media is a part of my work. I at times create ads for Facebook and Instagram, and on occasion handle some of our clients Facebook-accounts, but I’m not sure if this makes that much of a difference. I’m just a real social media-addict, a Twitter-tweaker, a Facebook-fiend, an Instagram-junkie, a Snapchat-sucker. And as if this wasn’t enough, during a brief single-stint this fall I discovered the wondrous world of Tinder, swiping left and right as if my life depended on it. Add to this the amount of commitment it takes to follow virtually every show hitting Netflix and HBO; this leaves very little time to actually DO anything.

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