19 May 2016

Finding Banksy

Not many people have been able to avoid Banksy’s impact on POP culture the last decade. Everything from his amazing guerilla street art that he’s been spreading across the globe like wildfire, to his much talked about art show involving a pink live elephant a few years back. Not to speak of his fantastic documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop that earned an Oscar nomination for best documentary, feature. Let’s put it this way, it’s hard to argue that he wouldn’t be the best T-post collaborator of all time.

Due to the massive secrecy for him to be able to remain anonymous over the years, I didn’t have much hope when I contacted him through his site Pest Control. The site’s only purpose is to help determine if what you have in your hands is a real Banksy or not. Amazingly I got a prompt response back, telling me how much he like T-post, but as the name of his site states, he’s been dealing with massive amounts of rebooting of his art, and taking it to T-shirts (what!?). So, even though he loves what we do, doing a T-post T-shirt would be counterproductive to what he’s trying to fight. But he would love to become a T-post subscriber and to rock our Tees on the streets of London.

So, if you see a guy wearing a T-post T-shirt in and around the London area, there’s 1 chance in about 2 000 that it’s Banksy.