18 Apr 2016

1 Million Plays On Spotify

The UÅ song was exclusively made for T-post issue 101 – Where You’re From is Number One. It was made and preformed by 8 of the best rappers in Sweden.

I’d been thinking about doing a tribute issue to my home town Umeå for years. But my only problem was, what could be interesting enough about a small northern Swedish town to tell all our subscribers in over 50 countries about? So, to dodge that bullet, I asked the Umeå based rap collective Random Bastards to do it for me. It ended up being an 8 verses long song about what they think is best about living in Umeå.

Over the last year the song has been played well over 1 MILLION (2,2 MILLION, updated sep 2017) times on Spotify. We actually got word from Spotify that the UÅ song was the most played song on Spotify in all of the northern part of Sweden, period.

T-post & Random Bastards vs. Drake: 1 – 0!